Sky-High Ambitions: Select Group Acquires Dubai Marina’s Pentominium Tower

Sky-High Ambitions: Select Group Acquires Dubai Marina's Pentominium Tower

Dubai-based real estate developer Select Group has made a significant move by acquiring the Pentominium Tower, poised to become the world’s tallest residential high-rise upon completion.

Reviving an Icon Situated in Dubai Marina, the Pentominium Tower’s development faced setbacks during the 2008 global financial crisis, leading to a temporary halt. Earlier this year, the project was put up for auction through Emirates Auction, utilizing an administration process authorized by the Dubai Courts. Select Group emerged victorious in a fiercely competitive bidding process, securing the project with an impressive 46 bids.

A Secretive Marvel While the exact height and number of floors of the tallest residential tower remain undisclosed, Select Group aims to surpass the heights set by other iconic structures such as Marina 101, 111 West, Park Avenue 432, and Central Park Tower.

Strategic Proximity Standing at 1,394 feet (425 meters), Marina 101 currently holds the title of the second-tallest skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates after Burj Khalifa. The Pentominium Tower’s strategic location in Dubai Marina, near Palm Jumeirah, Emaar Beachfront, and JBR, adds to its allure.

A Visionary Endeavor Rahail Aslam, CEO, and founder of Select Group expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating, ‘We are excited to have secured the acquisition of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop such an ultra-high-rise residence in highly popular Dubai Marina.’ The goal is to complete this prestigious architectural marvel, setting a new benchmark for global residential skyscrapers.

Collaborative Excellence For the tower’s development, Select Group has partnered with renowned firms including interior design firm Mitchell & Eades, architectural firm Woods Bagot, and engineering consultancy WSP.

Mark Farley, Managing Director – Property & Buildings at WSP Middle East, highlighted the significance of this project, stating, ‘This super slender tower will not only aim to stand taller than many of the world’s most notable residential developments, it will also occupy one of the last remaining plots in Dubai’s bustling Marina precinct.’

Stay tuned for updates on this transformative endeavor shaping Dubai’s skyline.

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