Simplify Your Bill Payments: A Guide to Setting Up Autopay for Utility Bills in Dubai

Simplify Your Bill Payments: A Guide to Setting Up Autopay for Utility Bills in Dubai

Tired of missing utility bill due dates? Say goodbye to late payments with the ‘Dubai Now’ app’s autopay feature. Recently announced by the Dubai Digital Authority, this innovative solution ensures you never miss a payment again.

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Accessible on both Apple and Android devices, the ‘Dubai Now’ app offers a seamless experience developed by the esteemed Digital Dubai Authority. With over 170 government and private services available, including bill payments for electricity, water, Salik recharge, and Nol card top-ups, managing your bills has never been easier.

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To activate autopay for your utility bills, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the ‘Dubai Now’ app using your UAE Pass account, the official digital identity for individuals in the UAE.
  2. Navigate to the profile section and add your payment details, either by entering credit card information or linking your digital wallet.
  3. Once your payment details are added, select the utility bill you wish to set up autopay for and choose the autopay schedule.
  4. Set a maximum limit for autopay to avoid unexpected bill payments.
  5. Update your settings and enjoy the convenience of automatic bill payments.

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With autopay enabled, you can rest assured knowing your bills will be paid on time. Plus, the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to monitor your payments and adjust settings as needed.

In the event of unusually high bills, the app provides access to tools like Dewa’s Consumption Assessment Tool, empowering you to better understand and manage your electricity and water consumption.

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Streamline your bill payments today with the ‘Dubai Now’ app and experience a hassle-free approach to managing your finances.

Don’t let bill payments stress you out. Download the ‘Dubai Now’ app and take control of your finances today!

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