Sharjah Real Estate Transactions Reach Dh1.7 Billion in April

Sharjah Real Estate Transactions Reach Dh1.7 Billion in April

In April, the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department reported a total of 1,632 real estate transactions, amounting to Dh1.7 billion. This data signifies a growing confidence in Sharjah’s real estate market and underscores the emirate’s appeal as a global investment destination.

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Among the recorded transactions, sales transactions accounted for 35.5% of the total, with 579 transactions recorded. Mortgage transactions constituted 12.1% of the total, totaling Dh402.2 million, while the remaining transactions amounted to 52.4% of the total.

These transactions were conducted across 89 locations throughout Sharjah, spanning residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. The traded real estate included 253 lands, 185 tower units, and 141 built-in land transactions.

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Notably, the Muwailah Commercial area recorded the highest number of sales transactions, totaling 114, followed by Rawdat Al-Qart with 55, Al Khan with 45, and Hoshi with 32. In terms of trading value, Muwailah Commercial led with Dh168.4 million, followed by Al Saja’a Industrial (Dh75.1 million), Tilal (Dh66.5 million), and Hoshi (Dh48.6 million).

In the Eastern and Central regions, a total of 50 sales transactions were recorded, with Al Madina Al Qasimia registering the highest number at 18 transactions. Additionally, Al Madina Al Qasimia emerged as the top region in terms of cash trading value, amounting to Dh14.2 million.

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These statistics highlight the robust activity and investment potential in Sharjah’s real estate market, reflecting the emirate’s ongoing development and attractiveness to investors worldwide.

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