Revealed: Dubai Mangroves Plan—The World’s Largest Coastal Regeneration Project

Revealed: Dubai Mangroves Plan—The World's Largest Coastal Regeneration Project

Dubai-based urban planning and development firm, URB, has proposed a revolutionary project poised to set new standards for coastal regeneration in the city.

The ambitious Dubai Mangroves project aims to plant over 100 million mangrove trees across a 72-kilometer stretch of coastline, blending ecological preservation with urban development. This initiative supports Dubai’s environmental goals and aligns with the Dubai 2040 Master Plan, emphasizing urban resilience, biodiversity, and sustainable development.

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Currently in its research phase, the project features six pilot design studies in specific areas, each showcasing how different infrastructure components can coexist with mangrove restoration efforts. This approach creates multipurpose coastal landscapes that offer ecological, recreational, and aesthetic benefits.

URB has previously spearheaded innovative projects such as The Loop in Dubai and the Dubai Reefs Project.

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Mangroves play a crucial role in sequestering carbon, protecting coastlines from erosion, and supporting marine life and food security. Each tree can absorb 12.3 kg of CO2 annually, allowing the project to sequester 1.23 million tonnes of CO2 per year—equivalent to the emissions from over 260,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles annually.

Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, shares the vision for the project: “Dubai Mangroves exemplifies how urban and environmental innovation can coexist harmoniously, setting a global standard for how cities can balance planetary and human needs. This project goes beyond coastal regeneration or resilience; it’s about demonstrating how cities worldwide can integrate ecological preservation with urban development.”

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The project includes various educational resources, such as the Mangrove Visitor Hub, designed to educate and engage residents and tourists about the importance of mangroves and broader environmental challenges. The Hub, along with the Botanical Museum and Nature Reserve Conservation Center, will serve as a focal point for advocacy, education, and research, inspiring environmental stewardship among locals and visitors.

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