Progress Update: Infinity Towers’ Mixed-Use Tower Nears Completion in Egypt’s Administrative Capital

Progress Update: Infinity Towers’ Mixed-Use Tower Nears Completion in Egypt’s Administrative Capital

The construction of the mixed-use Infinity Tower, soaring 160 meters high, has surpassed the 70% completion mark, according to Infinity Towers for Urban Development. This remarkable progress exceeds the timeline set by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development and coincides with the commencement of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s second term and the inauguration of the first phase of the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

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Situated in the heart of the NAC’s Central Business District (CBD), Infinity Tower stands as a testament to sustainability and modernity.

Assaad Salama, Founder and Managing Director, revealed that the tower’s design stemmed from collaboration with the renowned Canadian firm NORR Group, resulting in a distinctive design that positions Infinity Tower as a pioneering example of sustainable architecture in Egypt.

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In a bid to reinforce its status as a model of sustainable architecture, the project has secured the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification.

Hady Fathy, the tower’s CEO, underscored the expansive commercial mall spanning over 11,000 square meters, housing a diverse array of businesses, dining establishments, and financial institutions, all with panoramic views of the iconic structure. He emphasized the tower’s adaptability, featuring a range of conference rooms and co-working spaces designed to maximize functionality for both owners and tenants.

The first phase of Infinity Tower is slated for completion by the year’s end, with trial operations scheduled to commence by mid-2025 and full operations expected to kick off in the first half of 2026.

One of the tower’s standout features is its vast floor area, supported by over 18 high-speed elevators, offering 1,560 square meters per level without columns. Introducing cutting-edge materials and specifications to Egypt, Infinity Tower also boasts a five-story underground garage accommodating 900 cars—a unique feature in the area.

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