Introducing La Maison Amal: A Wellness Oasis in Al Barari’s Ultra-Luxury Community

Introducing La Maison Amal: A Wellness Oasis in Al Barari's Ultra-Luxury Community

Launched recently, La Maison Amal emerges as a beacon of wellness in Dubai’s prestigious Al Barari neighborhood, poised to make waves in the emirate’s real estate landscape.

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This five-bedroom residential gem is celebrated for seamlessly blending opulent living with tranquility and a focus on well-being.

Maria Morris, CEO and founder of Maria Morris Real Estate, underscores that La Maison Amal responds to the evolving preferences of today’s ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) buyers, who crave experiences beyond traditional luxury.

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“In light of the shift towards wellness post-COVID, La Maison Amal sets a new benchmark in ultra-luxury living, where every inch embodies wellness and health-consciousness,” Morris affirms.

The property’s pinnacle is its top floor, boasting a cutting-edge gym ensconced within floor-to-ceiling glass walls, providing not only a luminous and serene ambiance but also sweeping vistas of the verdant surroundings.

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In pursuit of fostering a health-centric lifestyle, Potenza Wellness was engaged to craft a dedicated space featuring state-of-the-art treatments, including Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), a photobiomodulation bed, PEMF therapy, a lymphatic drainage suit, an ice plunge pool, and an infrared sauna-equipped steam room.

The integration of fine art, a burgeoning trend in luxury real estate globally, is evident in La Maison Amal, as developers recognize its capacity to elevate property allure and exclusivity.

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In a bid to resonate with affluent buyers seeking an elevated lifestyle, internationally acclaimed Ecuadorian artist Coco Valdez has been appointed as Art Director for the project.

The debut of this wellness-centric venture coincides with the sustained attraction of global affluent buyers to Dubai’s thriving prime and super-prime real estate market, enticed by the allure of lavish residences.

Amidst Al Barari’s luxurious villas, verdant landscapes, and serene lakes, the community has emerged as a sought-after destination for both local and international buyers, offering exceptional value and a welcoming, family-friendly ambiance.

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