Flydubai to Begin Operations in Jebel Ali Within the Next Few Years

Flydubai to Begin Operations in Jebel Ali Within the Next Few Years

Flydubai’s CEO, Ghaith Al Ghaith, has announced that the airline plans to commence operations in Jebel Ali within the next few years, capitalizing on the expansion opportunities presented by the development of Al Maktoum International Airport.

“We will initiate operations in Jebel Ali soon, and we also plan to expand at Dubai World Central. Our operations will eventually shift to Al Maktoum International Airport, as Dubai International Airport will be phased out,” Al Ghaith stated.

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Dubai has outlined a strategic plan to replace Dubai International Airport with Al Maktoum International Airport within the next decade.

Addressing concerns about the recent record-breaking rainfall in the UAE, which caused runway flooding and flight cancellations, Al Ghaith assured that the aircraft were not damaged. Flydubai managed the situation effectively, offering one-third of affected passengers refunds and rebooking the remainder.

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“We maintained safe operations and ensured minimal disruption to business flow. We utilized our capacity to handle the cancellations and managed to rebook many passengers. Consequently, the impact on our business was minimal,” Al Ghaith stated during a media roundtable.

Flydubai also recently announced a retrofit project to upgrade the interiors of its next-generation Boeing fleet. The project aims to be completed by the end of the year.

The airline’s first four months of the year have seen passenger numbers reach 5 million, and Al Ghaith expects the full-year total to surpass 15 million, exceeding last year’s figure of 13.8 million.

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Flydubai is set to relaunch 10 destinations in the summer, with strong bookings indicating a positive outlook for the season.

Regarding potential new bases outside Dubai, Al Ghaith emphasized the airline’s commitment to a Dubai-centric approach. “We see significant growth potential from Dubai, and we anticipate expanding our fleet to 200 aircraft. India’s market accounts for 1.5% of our capacity and 20% of our staff. A 20% increase in India capacity could lead to significant growth for Flydubai,” he explained.

With its planned expansion in Jebel Ali and commitment to Al Maktoum International Airport, Flydubai is poised for continued growth and success in the UAE’s dynamic aviation market.

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