Exploring the Spotlight: Dubai’s Thriving Real Estate Market Takes Center Stage at Property Show

Exploring the Spotlight: Dubai's Thriving Real Estate Market Takes Center Stage at Property Show

The International Property Show (IPS) is set to mark its 20th edition in 2024, held at the Dubai World Trade Center on February 27 and 29 in collaboration with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). As Dubai continues to shine as a top real estate investment destination, IPS 2024 aims to provide a comprehensive view of the city’s dynamic property landscape, showcasing its thriving real estate industry.

Dubai’s real estate market has witnessed substantial growth since the start of 2023, and experts anticipate this positive trend to persist into 2024. IPS 2024 has been strategically designed to highlight the flourishing real estate sector, offering a platform to showcase promising investment opportunities. The event aims to reinforce the real estate industry’s pivotal role in the economy and provide valuable insights to participants.

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Several factors contribute to Dubai’s enduring appeal in real estate, including a robust economy, political stability, and enticing investment opportunities. The Dubai Economic Agenda D33’s objectives and the anticipated UAE economic expansion further enhance Dubai’s attractiveness for investors.

Long-term expansion in the real estate industry is evident, with Dubai being among the fastest-growing cities globally in sustainable real estate development, according to Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of the Dubai Land Department. The visionary leadership’s commitment and support have propelled Dubai to a global destination, adopting cutting-edge technologies for efficient governance and proactive services in the real estate sector.

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IPS President Dawood Al Shezawi highlights Dubai’s appeal, emphasizing factors such as smooth operations, a robust legal system, progressive laws like the Real Estate Investment Funds Law, and the city’s strategic location. IPS aims to bolster trust in Dubai’s real estate sector by providing an optimal platform for engagement, aligning with the government’s vision of becoming a global hub for real estate investment.

Dubai’s real estate market continues to shine on the international stage, with a 5.6% increase in residential property prices in Q1 2023, marking the ninth consecutive quarter of price growth. The city’s high residential property value, attractive returns, and chances for portfolio diversification make it a sought-after destination for real estate investors.

IPS 2024, a three-day event, will bring together government officials, real estate developers, firms, financial institutions, banks, and investors. The event will feature a range of activities, including an exhibition, conference, awards, and discussions on future cities, finance, women in real estate, youth engagement, proptech, and design.

Exhibitors from over 140 countries will participate, making IPS 2024 a global platform for exploring real estate investment opportunities. The event aligns with Dubai’s commitment to sustaining growth and innovation in its dynamic real estate market.

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