Dubai’s Special Needs Tourism: Free Parking and Taxi Fare Discounts for Tourists

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Dubai's Special Needs Tourism: Free Parking and Taxi Fare Discounts for Tourists

Dubai stands at the forefront of inclusive tourism, offering special privileges to tourists with special needs, also known as people of determination (PoD). For a duration of up to three months, PoD tourists can benefit from complimentary public parking and avail themselves of a 50% discount on taxi fares, making their stay in the city more accessible and enjoyable.

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Free Public Parking for PoD Tourists

Representatives from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) highlighted these initiatives during the 4th Accessible Travel and Tourism International Conference. Osama Al Safi, RTA’s director of the Parking Department, emphasized that PoD tourists can enjoy free access to public parking, aligning with the privileges granted to senior Emiratis and PoD residents.

To obtain free parking, PoD tourists can conveniently apply online through the RTA’s website or app. The RTA has streamlined its services, eliminating the need for physical permits. This digital parking permit is temporary, with a maximum validity of three months per application.

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Sanad Card for Taxi Fare Discounts

For a 50% discount on taxi fares, PoD tourists can apply for a Sanad card issued by the Community Development Authority (CDA). Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) expanded its taxi fare discount program, making it accessible to a broader range of passengers, including those with non-motor disabilities. This initiative allows PoD tourists to book regular taxis through the DTC App and benefit from reduced fares.

Established in 1995, DTC is the largest taxi operator in Dubai, commanding a substantial 44 percent market share with a fleet of around 7,000 taxis.

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Obtaining a Sanad Card

To secure a 50% fare discount, PoD tourists need to obtain a Sanad card. The Community Development Authority (CDA) facilitates an online application process. The Sanad card’s validity duration is determined by the length of the tourist’s visit.

Requirements for the Sanad card application include an electronic copy of the Dubai-issued visit visa, a passport copy, an electronic copy of a medical report or disability card from the tourist’s home country, and a recent photograph.

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Dubai’s commitment to accessible tourism shines through these initiatives, ensuring that visitors with special needs can explore the city with convenience and comfort. The blend of free parking privileges and discounted taxi fares showcases the city’s dedication to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all tourists.

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