Dubai Real Estate Market Surpasses AED 1.8 Billion in Transactions on January 16

Dubai Real Estate Market Surpasses AED 1.8 Billion in Transactions on January 16

In a recent update from Dubai’s Land Department (DLD), the real estate sector showcased robust activity on January 16, witnessing a total of 525 sales transactions valued at AED 1.54 billion. The day also saw 127 mortgage deals amounting to AED 226.51 million and 19 gift deals totaling AED 89.9 million.

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Of the total transactions, AED 1.23 billion represented the sales of villas and apartments, while AED 304.55 million accounted for the sale of land plots.

The aggregate value of real estate transactions on this day exceeded AED 1.8 billion. The mortgage transactions encompassed 109 villas and apartments valued at AED 196.4 million, along with 18 land plots valued at AED 30.11 million.

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This data highlights the continued vibrancy and resilience of Dubai’s real estate market. For up-to-the-minute insights and comprehensive analysis, the Land Department’s release serves as a valuable resource, showcasing the diverse range of transactions that contribute to the overall dynamism of Dubai’s real estate landscape.

As Dubai’s real estate sector continues to evolve, these figures underscore the sustained interest and investment in the market, making it an opportune time for stakeholders and investors to stay informed and explore potential opportunities.

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