Dubai Real Estate Market Enters New Era with Record $60 Billion Sales

Dubai Real Estate Market Enters New Era with Record $60 Billion Sales


In a groundbreaking development, the Dubai real estate market has embarked on a new era of remarkable growth, showcasing its strongest performance in history. With a record-breaking $60 billion in property sales over the past seven months, the sector is proving its resilience and robustness. W Capital, a leading real estate firm, has highlighted these unprecedented achievements as indicators of the market’s health and potential.

Dubai Real Estate’s Resilient Growth:

According to Walid Al Zarooni, CEO of W Capital, the Dubai real estate market is achieving extraordinary milestones in terms of both volume and value of property sales. This surge in sales comes hand in hand with a drive towards greater transparency, solidifying Dubai’s position as a global hub for real estate investment.

Unprecedented Sales Figures:

The Dubai market has witnessed an outstanding AED 217 billion ($60 billion) in property sales within the first seven months of this year alone. This surge in sales not only underscores the market’s allure for investors but also reinforces its status as an attractive environment for living and working.

Consistent Growth and Attractive Opportunities:

Monthly sales figures consistently break records, reflecting the ongoing potential for lucrative investment opportunities in Dubai’s real estate sector. The average daily value of real estate sales has risen to AED 1.5 billion, a substantial increase from the beginning of the year. This remarkable performance, which began in late 2021, demonstrates the sector’s ongoing momentum.

Global Demand and Economic Resurgence:

The demand for Dubai real estate has experienced a surge in the past two years, attributed to the robustness of the emirate’s economy and an influx of affluent individuals from around the world. This resurgence has elevated the return on real estate investment to an impressive nine percent.

Favorable Market Dynamics:

Al Zarooni emphasizes that the current focus of the Dubai real estate market centers on end-users of real estate units, while the influx of wealthy individuals and corporations fuels significant demand. This trend positions Dubai as a prominent destination for both living and conducting business.

Anticipating Future Growth:

The CEO anticipates that Dubai’s real estate boom will persist in the years to come, supported by the pillars of sustainable economic activities. He highlights Dubai’s top-tier infrastructure across all sectors, coupled with a commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies and continuous modernization in line with economic growth.

Investor Confidence and Regulatory Environment:

Dubai’s regulatory environment safeguards the rights of all stakeholders, fostering a sense of fairness among citizens and foreigners alike. The market’s adherence to best practices and regulatory frameworks related to real estate ownership, off-plan sales, and leases further bolsters investor confidence.


In a historic moment, the Dubai real estate market has entered a phase of exceptional growth, setting unprecedented records in property sales. As the market continues to attract investors and end-users, while maintaining transparency and embracing technological advancements, Dubai solidifies its reputation as a global leader in real estate investment and development.

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